Xerox Recognizes Project “Weaving Changes” for its Good Works

Xerox recognizes the project Weaving Changes with its award Unlock a Brighter Future for helping find employment for members of communities with low resources and ultimately contributing to a sustainable environment. PBS Nicaragua, S.A., Xerox’s business partner, and the organizations Padre Fabretto, Nica HOPE and the brand Colecciones Valentina, of Nicaragua, have all been supporters of the initiative.

“Weaving Changes” was selected as the best non-profit initiative out of all of the projects submitted from members of the Xerox Distributor Group spanning 34 countries in the Latin America and Caribbean region. At “the heart” of the project is Colecciones Valentina, a sustainable fashions brand that is socially responsible with the environment. Thanks to the combined support of Colecciones Valentina, Nica HOPE and the Padre Fabretto organization, the initiative holds the promise of helping women and single mothers improve their quality of life.

The women benefitting from the program “Weaving Changes” are trained in the creation of hand-made products for Colecciones Valentina, like women’s bags, wallets, holders for digital cameras and other accessories, using plastic wrap from reams of Xerox copy paper. The purses, for example, are sold at the airport in Nicaragua, as part of the “Colecciones Valentina”; the prices for these products are between US$25 y US$75. Each beneficiary receives monthly salaries anywhere between C$4,120 (four thousand one hundred twenty córdobas) C$4,680 (four thousand six hundred eighty córdobas).

To support the Project, PBS Nicaragua launched a campaign at its Docu-centers to collect recyclable material, specifically the plastic coverings of Xerox reams of paper, and offer this to “Weaving Changes.” Each week, PBS donates 7kg of this plastic material. In addition to supporting the program that helps so many women, this effort is a sustainable way of recycling and making good use this plastic material.

“We have decided to support this proyect in part because of its association with the organization Padre Fabretto, as we at PBS believe in the power of education. Helping these mothers to learn a craft in order to be able to create these accessories, helps them, in turn, support their children while they are able to bring needed income into their households, which can potentially mean having a better future,” says Marco Almendarez, General Manager of PBS Nicaragua.

“Recognizing and supporting worthy projects like Weaving Changes, reinforces our company-wide commitment to social responsibility programs that help communities with fewer resources come out ahead,” said Fernando Garcia-Canton, general manager, Xerox Distributor Group. “It’s rather amazing to think that the simple use of our recyclable plastic wrappings have provided members of these communities an opportunity to generate income that well help give their families a better quality of life."

Padre Fabretto
The organization Padre Fabretto is a “family” with more than 50 years of history in Nicaragua. Its mission is to reach poor children and families via specific programs that help develop competencies to enable members of these communities to leave poverty, drugs, etc. behind. The organization focuses on five pillars:

  • Early childhood education.
  • Secondary education in rural areas.
  • Vocational and technical education.
  • Food and nutrition
  • Well-being and development of communities.

One of the principal entities that support the Padre Fabretto mission is Nica HOPE. They offer opportunities for youth and adults who actually depend on garbage – in the surrounding areas of Managua – as a source of income. The organization offers long term solutions via education and skills training.

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