Xerox Recognizes Delcop’s Corporate Social Responsibility Program “Printing Happiness” as the Winner of the 2015 Unlock a Brighter Future Award

– Xerox recognized Delcop, their exclusive authorized distributor in Colombia, as this year’s recipient of the 2015 Unlock a Brighter Future Award. During the company’s regional 2015 annual kick-off meeting, representatives from Delcop had a chance to present the corporate social responsibility program, “Printing Happiness,” that garnered the award. Xerox also presented Delcop with a cash contribution to help fund additional local initiatives.

For over three years, Delcop has been dedicated to two organizations for which they’ve volunteered time and provided funding. One of the organizations is Piel Para Renacer, an organization that aids burn victims. The other is Niños de los Andes, an organization that helps displaced children.

More than 200 children and adults have been impacted by Delcop’s efforts in 2014. Delcop leads the effort via their umbrella corporate social responsibility program, “Printing Happiness”. As part of this initiative, the company will provide additional support in the way of cost saving printers and consumables. As well as in entrepreneurship programs and recreational activities with target population.

“Recognizing and supporting these CSR programs in the countries we do business, reinforces our company-wide commitment to social responsibility programs that help communities with fewer resources come out ahead,” said Mohamed Amer, General Manager, Xerox Distributor Group.

Delcop’s submission was selected from several entries provided by members of the Xerox Distributor Group spanning 34 countries in the Latin America and Caribbean region. At “the heart” of the ‘Printing Happiness’ project is the Skin Regeneration program through Piel para Renacer which further assists burn victims and their families with access to art programs, back to school kits and meals.

“We are thrilled that our CSR program was chosen. Giving back to these communities through various programs enables us to empower these families and help make a change for the better,” said Maria Borras Mancilla Marketing and CSR Manager of Delcop Colombia.

Both organizations will be trained this year and become an drop off point for customers who are looking to turn in their recycled toner. This will enable the center to turn in the recycled material for additional funds that will support ongoing initiatives.

Niños de los Andes (Fundacion de los Andes)
Fundacion de los Andes is a non-profit organization conceived as a means of protecting and rehabilitating a growing population of children living on the street, who are in a position of great vulnerability and at risk for the violation of their fundamental rights. By appropriate programs and services, the organization offers real solutions to improve their quality of life and help achieve their physical, mental, spiritual and social development, which are inalienable rights.

Dr. Jaime Jaramillo is the principal founding member who took it upon himself to help the homeless children of the Andes by providing medical care, food, affection and a place to live.

Piel Para Renacer
A foundation with a high sense of altruism and a history of more than 17 years helping to heal the wounds of the body and soul. Bringing smiles to burn victims, the organization provides comprehensive support from immediate attention to burn injuries to the continuation of their life.

Additionally, Piel Para Renacer enables full rehabilitation through medical treatment and psychological support to children, youth and adults suffering from burn trauma, and who have no existing health coverage.

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